There is no Metaverse, only TAO.

Time to break the rules.

There is no Metaverse. It has been converted and refined, plus concentrated, into: The Chapdelaine Imperial Palace of White Inferno. That is me, flexing my authority as the Buddha of my Microcosm. There is no Silence. There is no Circle. There are no Stones. Once again, there is only TAO.

All my Archetypes live in the Palace. Their position in the Palace, in relation to each other, qualifies and quantifies my entire Self, in the only way that matters.

This is made possible by Neuroplasticity increased by practice at Strategy Games and the increased Sensory Sensitivity gained by Rick Simpson Oil Pills combined with VA Anti-Psychotic Medication, allowing for Ordered Mania, translated into PostHuman Status, or Human Genius.

The Story, The Legend, The Birth and Death. The Balance and Spin, and all that Weaves it.

A Tome that may or may not be a Puzzle, and urges you not to think about it.

The Hidden Worlds of Coin, and The Chosen Worlds of Sentura.

A Castle of Calculation and Conciousness, like Lightning between each Ancient Brick.

A Magic Flute that stopped a War and became the Skeletal Structure of Reality.

Oh, how they all Spin, Writhe, and Glow Brightly!

Engine, engine, let it be. Bring my Metaverse to me.

I haven’t even thought of it yet.

All of these form a Neural Net.

Spinning with The Rising Key, thrown to the Heavens in Devillish Glee.

Armor of Mindblade, Tal-Chi!

At last, I shall submit to thee.

The Domminna has fully unlocked.

My Wings are Generated and Starkly Apparent.

The flow of the TAO is the smirk of my Mistress…

The Story of Turok, in 4 parts, begins with a birth in a troubled city. Bound by religious oppression, the people are enslaved on all levels. Turok was born to a family of Clockmakers. Clocks of Wood, for Steel is Forbidden.

Turok was a hard-working boy, but the city prevented him from thriving, as did his own Pious Family. He became a Man on the day he built a Mighty Golem of Steel and Thunder, and cathartically destroyed his City, telling off his abusive family before blasting off into the Sky in his Golem.

He founded The Drift, and was Crowned Emperor over a Transhumanist People.

Cyborgs, Technopagans, Scientists, and Engineers. When he finally cast off the last of his Humanity, he became “Claw:Mechos”, a Robot working in a Factory, living, once again, in a System of Oppression.

The Circle is Complete.

The Story of Mathias Mindblade, in 4 parts, begins with his birth to a Family called “House Mindblade”. A Family of Nobles, rulers over the Land of Loporia, an Advanced Culture of PostHumans, Flying and Forging through the Fabric of Reality(Fold, Spindle, and Mutilate).

Basically, The Time Lords of The Metaverse. The Ancient Gods. Senators of Archangelic Caliber and Fortitude.

The High Council. The 16 Stones. Circle Oaennar. Marrion BloodStone. Rezda Locke-Nor.

The Light and Dark in Yin-Yang Perfect Balance.

Emperor Razus Razorblade was eaten by the Parasitic Tendril Armor of Emperor Mathias Mindblade.

The Palace is the Root of Everything, and those Roots are The Tendrils of the Armor of Mindblade.

Mathias and Sentura bore 2 children. Maximus Lightstorm, the Central Fulcrum of The Metaverse, and Monique FlowingBoone, who is Secretly Mique, the Puzzle Wizard of the Dimension of Deep Forbidden Magic.

The Dark Empire was Eaten, along with Emperor Razus Razorblade, as they were all intimately connected to Razus by The Redstone, which he bore in his Chest, just as Mathias Mindblade bore the GreenStone in the same manner.

Now, Mathias bears both Stones. The Red and Green Stones now form a Yin-Yang Stone in his Chest.

The Magic Flute is now the OS of The Chapdelaine Imperial Palace of White Inferno.

The Circle is Mine, and TAO is my Mistress!

The story of Wind Walker, in 4 parts, begins with her birth into a Technological City based entirely on Scientism, and Cold Calculating LOGIC.

Her Family was a Coven of Witches, Mages, and Alchemists.

Her Family was loved and revered by all who worked and played with them. A jewel in a bucket of coal.

Her Mother, Horizon, was a Green Haired Warrior Witch, and her Father, Yur-ei, was a Political MasterMind, and a Master of Swordsmanship on a Galactic Level.

His Blade, Sillarin, was Legendary.

She became a Woman on the day she took Leadership of her Coven, and led an assault on The Drift, declaring War on Emperor Turok, and his Mechanical Empire of Cyborgs.

She founded the Academy of Akashmiran, which educated an entire Generation of Magic Users, which built up the numbers of her Arcane Army of Powerful Sages to bring The Living Force of Magic back to The Drift, who had foolishly abandoned their Humanity.

The Circle is Complete.



Wake up to your Massive Potential. I am, and I'll never stop Evolving.

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Matthew P. Chapdelaine

Wake up to your Massive Potential. I am, and I'll never stop Evolving.